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Starting at 10am on the 28th of November, Brian Ibbott will be hosting this years Coverthon.  If you are unfamiliar with this event, I will attempt to enlighten you.  The Coverthon is a 24 hour marathon of cover songs.  Brian Ibbott’s award winning podcast, Coverville, puts on this event every year to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research and operating costs.  During the 24 hours, he has various guests on the show, as well as playing covers of your favorite music.  As the time goes on, people can donate to the show.  Every hour, the highest donation wins a prize pack.  That is just one way to get cool items.  There are also giveaways during the show.  You can find out details about the show, as well as where to listen live at Coverville.

“I’m glad you told me about this.  But why do you feel I need to know?”  Well, because this year, I am donating to the pile of loot.  I am throwing a 12oz flask, (yes, 12 oz, the first one I have made that size) and two stainless steel collapsible cups into the mix.  The flask will sport everyone’s favorite version of the Coverville logo.  One lucky person will be the new owner of the first ever 12oz Coverville flask.  You will know because it has the number one on the back.  All others will be number two or higher.


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