Leather Flask Cover process

I have been convinced (told) that I should present a breakdown of what goes into some of the work I do. Since the majority of what I do right now are flask covers, and that IS what I’m working on right now, I thought I would start with that. These pictures are of an item I am making for Nerdtacular, later this month. I will show the steps and give an idea of the time involved. I will have the grand total at the end of the post.  Read More

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Wrist Cuff for Jayne Cobb costume

I was able to get a version of “Vera” from Firefly and Serenity completed prior to Phoenix Comicon 2015. I then decided to try to get as much of the costume completed as I could for the show.  One of the iconic items, that can be made, not purchased, is the wrist cuff that Jayne wears on his right arm.  It is made of leather, so, of course, I decided to make one. Read More

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