This same weekend, one year ago, I decided to take a hobby and see about making it a business. It was at Nerdtacular 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah. For those of you that don’t know the story, I will tell you. For those that do, here it is again.

I had started listening to a podcast called “The Instance“. This is a show about World of Warcraft, produced by Scott Johnson of Frogpants Studios. I wanted to learn more about the game, since my wife was playing it quite a bit. This was back in 2007. She started playing it while I was deployed to Iraq. I then learned about several other shows on the network, as well as many, many others. I would continue to listen to shows, while at home and deployed. They became a link back to normalcy. Me at the SabresMove forward to 2014. I had become a big fan of a lot of podcasts and the producers. I was never really able to donate to the shows, but I suddenly had an idea to make things from leather for them. The first things I made were some leather flask covers for Bill Doran of Punished Props. I was going to see him at Phoenix Comicon prior to Nerdtacular, so he was the first to receive anything. He agreed to keep it hush hush, so I could surprise others with these gifts. (He’s a great guy, by the way) Bill and I

I then decided to make flasks with the logos of my favorite shows to give to the personalities around those shows.  This was going to be a way to show my appreciation for the work they do.

Group shot

The first person I gave one to was Brian Ibbott of Coverville.  He came up with the idea of surprising Scott at the show by secretly giving everyone BUT Scott their gift.  During The Morning Stream, one of Scott’s shows, everyone would bring up their flasks and then I would present Scott with his.  This worked out incredibly well.tms flasks

 The response I received was overwhelming.  More than once I was told I should sell these.  I was finally convinced and decided I would give it a shot, rather than wonder what could have been.

So, here I am today, taking time away from all the work I need to complete for Nerdtacular 2015 to write this.  I think it is time well spent.  How often does one get a one year anniversary?  I will head back into my work area and get back to it, don’t worry.  To be honest, this has been a rough year, however, I am still sticking to it.  I look forward to seeing everyone at Nerdtacular this year, and many years to come.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me.  Whether that is by showing appreciation for my work, or by being one of my customers.  You keep me going.

And I cannot skip mentioning a great person.  He was probably the one who showed the most appreciation for what I did, and has also shown me great support.  Thank You, Mr. Fletcher.


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