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Here is a video I put together from a Twitch stream I did recently.  In this video I go over some of the techniques in applying color to a design carved in leather.  I am creating a set of steampunk style bracers and documenting the process on Twitch and then editing the videos to be watched later on my YouTube channel.

This video shows the process of adding red to a feature on the bracer.  The original video is almost 2 hours long.  The one I edited is around 30 minutes.  This should give you an idea of how much time goes into getting a project to look like this.  I have begun trying stains for color instead of my usual acrylic paint.  If I had used paint, adding color to both bracers would have taken around 10 minutes.  This method creates a different result that I am hearing good things about.

If you want to see more videos about the bracers or any other projects I am working on, keep your eyes here, and you can subscribe to my Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Twitch accounts.


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