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I have decided to build a replica of BB8 from the newest Star Wars movie. I’m not exactly sure how far I will get, or how functional I can make it, but my goal is a full size, remote controlled BB8. I am starting by printing out the pieces for the construction, then those will be assembled and painted. I will then move on to the electronics that will provide the movement and lighting.

It occurred to me that there are those who may be interested in following my progress. Either to see how to build their own, learn techniques for other projects, support my effort, or watch my failures. For whatever reason you decide to follow along, I will try not to disappoint. I can’t promise regular updates on progress, since time and money are variables I have little control over at the moment. I will post updates to my Facebook and Twitter pages during this process.

I have received the majority of information for this project from the BB8 Builders Club. They are a terrific resource for information and assistance in building a BB8. I have also become a member of This group began with the goal of creating the droids from the original movies. They provide information on those, as well as BB8’s. There is also helpful technical information available through them.

As usual, I have acquired permission to use the music of the Andrew Allen Trio to accompany the time lapse video. The song is “Cantina Band” from the new album “Live! From the Cantina” on Coverville Records.

Here is the first video.

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