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I have taken on the not insignificant task of building a laser rifle from the Fallout game series.  This is a very well known weapon from the game, so I need to make sure to get it correct.  I am 3D printing the parts using a file created by Yvo de Haas of Ytec.  I previously built a PipBoy with his renders and it is a beautiful piece.

ytec aer9

I am incredibly impressed with the files available from Ytec.  They are the best I have used.  The rifle is a bit complex, but not overly so.  Luckily, I have learned enough electronics to get the laser and sound to work.  That is right, it will have light and sound.  It also has a working reload mechanism, which is actually the part I am concerned with.

Here is a picture of most of the parts for the rifle.

Aer9 Parts

I need to clean them up and prepare for assembly.  During this build, my intention is to set up a workspace with adequate lighting so I can stream the process live.  If you are interested in what goes into bringing this prop to life, I am setting up a Twitch channel. I am still working on it, so it may be a bit sparse right now. I am also sourcing adequate equipment to make this happen.  I will make announcements of broadcasts on my Twitch, Facebook and Twitter.  I also plan on making the videos available later on Youtube.

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