Tadpool Personalized Leather Flask 8oz

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Now you are able to let one and all know where you like to hang out.  This design incorporates the Tadpool logo created by Jean-Francois Dubeau and will include your Tadpool handle/nick/name or any other identifier you would like on it.  Personalizing them in this way means they can only be made to order, so there will be a slight wait as your item is crafted.  The process usually takes one week from start to finish, but don’t worry.  I can work on more than one at a time.  There may be differences in font style and size based on the amount of text you want to include.  Also, if there is a specific font you would like, let me know and we can work it out.  These are also being made available in your choice of the standard 8oz or the 12oz flask size.

The flasks are stainless-steel and will hold 8/12oz of a beverage of your choice. Included with your flask is a funnel to assist in filling. The leather used is tooling leather in the 5-6 or 6-7oz thickness range. This type of leather sometimes has the occasional range mark or natural blemish. It is not perfect, unmarked, smooth (and also very expensive) leather, but I prefer the character such marks add to the finished product over those anyway. Any color used is applied with acrylic paints and sealed with Weaver’s Tuff Kote clear. The leather is dyed using various colors and products to bring out the designs. The entire leather portion is then resealed with Tuff Kote to protect from the occasional liquid spill.


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