I am live streaming on Twitch!

Now that Twitch has launched the new Creative section of their service, I have set up a channel to stream projects I am working on. If I am going to spend time at my desk, why not share what I am doing with anyone who is interested. Read More

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Building a Fallout AER9 Laser Rifle

I have taken on the not insignificant task of building a laser rifle from the Fallout game series.  This is a very well known weapon from the game, so I need to make sure to get it correct.  I am 3D printing the parts using a file created by Yvo de Haas of Ytec.  I previously built a PipBoy with his renders and it is a beautiful piece. Read More

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BB8 Project-Dome Panel Assembly

This will be me sharing the information I learned during the assembly of the dome panels for BB8. These are my experiences and I hope to convey them as clearly as possible while also providing as much information as I can. Once again, thanks to the BB8 Builders Club for all they have provided. Read More

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BB8 Full Scale Replica Project

I have decided to build a replica of BB8 from the newest Star Wars movie. I’m not exactly sure how far I will get, or how functional I can make it, but my goal is a full size, remote controlled BB8. I am starting by printing out the pieces for the construction, then those will be assembled and painted. I will then move on to the electronics that will provide the movement and lighting. Read More

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Phoenix Comicon 2015 Wrap up


     I have mostly recovered from this years Phoenix Comicon, so it is time to present my thoughts and observations on the event.  As I said before, from the first time I attended this show, I was hooked.  It is a big convention, bringing big names and a large variety of attendees and groups.  My first year was as a general attendee, last year I showed up in some costumes and had a great time doing that.  This year I arrived as an exhibitor in Artist Alley. Read More

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